Conflict Management Plan

Attorney Darren Malek has practiced business law for nearly two decades. A member of the American Bar Association, Darren Malek has a wealth of experience litigating cases that involve business disputes among private professional practices.

Business disputes can arise from many issues, such as property management inconsistencies, partner disagreements, and contractual discrepancies. Implementing a conflict management plan can help to prevent differences from growing into costly legal battles. The plan should address how a company should deal with different conflict situations as they develop. As a company builds its conflict management plan, it is important to incorporate resolution actions for customer and employee relations, as well.

The conflict management plan should outline a process that identifies the needs and wants of both disputing sides. Options such as mediation and arbitration procedures should be included as resolution methods. In particular, mediations are cost-efficient, as the meeting between both parties eliminates the use of court system resources. In many cases, mediation can end with both entities compromising, and therefore ending the dispute. Should mediation fail to determine a solution, the company and disputing party can move forward to arbitration proceedings.


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