Employment Contracts and Wrongful Termination Law

A member of the American Bar Association, attorney Darren Malek is highly skilled in business law. Joining the Veritas Law Group in 2008, Darren Malek has experience litigating cases involving contracts and employment disputes.

Employee disputes may derive from employee compensation, discrimination, or disciplinary actions, which includes wrongful termination. In many cases, wrongful termination can be easily resolved by referring to the employment contract to determine if the employer fulfilled the outlined stipulations. In addition, the contract will state whether or not the employer enforces the employment-at-will doctrine.

The employment-at will-doctrine states that the employer and employee are entering into a voluntary business relationship, where both parties are free to terminate their work within the company at any point in time. No specific cause is required to end the employment relationship. However, good faith and fair dealing provisions allow individuals to still fight wrongful terminations in special circumstances.


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