Veritas Law Group

2008_12080025Currently the managing principal of Veritas Law Group, Darren Malek earned his juris doctor from the College of Law at DePaul University, where he served as an associate editor of the law review. Throughout his law school years, he worked as a paralegal for JPMorgan Chase. This exposure gave Darren Malek a valuable understanding of the banking system and the relationship it maintains with the business world.

Veritas Law Group serves businesses in Michigan and Illinois as well as other parts of the Midwest. The firm’s attorneys are adept at handling the intricacies of doing business in various states. Many professionals, such as doctors, dentists, architects, engineers, and the like are highly trained in the details of their profession, yet they often have little practical experience in operating a business.

Doctors, for example, cannot simply rent an office, hang out a shingle, and start seeing patients. Before the very first patient walks through the door, there is a host of issues that must be addressed. For instance, will the practice be a partnership, a corporation (S Corp or C Corp), or a limited liability company (LLC)? How will accounting, bookkeeping, invoicing, bill payment, and salaries be handled? What insurance plans, if any, will be accepted?

The time professionals spend attending to these sometimes mundane but critically important issues is time lost from their practice. Well-versed in the minutia of business law, the firm addresses these and other matters, including issues like compliance with employment, safety, environmental, and other regulations.


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