Why an Attorney is Beneficial for a Business

A member of the American Bar Association, Darren Malek has practiced law for nearly two decades. In 2008, Darren Malek formed Veritas Law Group, where he serves as a managing partner, business counsel and business litigation attorney.

When creating and running a business, having an experienced attorney available is necessary to put your company on the best path forward. Owners should seek guidance from an attorney who possesses a strong background in business law and related areas to provide day-to-day guidance.

Additionally, a seasoned business attorney who has formed and operates his own business possesses unique knowledge and a unique perspective on matters affecting owners. Regardless of the type of business, an owner will face a time when he or she will need to execute a contract or enter some other form of business relationship. Prior to signing an agreement with a customer, vendor or lender, the owner should have an attorney review the documents to ensure they are in accordance with the law and the agreed-upon stipulations and to discuss other strategies that may not be readily apparent to an owner. Business owners possess excellent skills in their given field of expertise but should recognize that those skills do not always translate to legal matters – where an attorneys advice, experience and expertise is indispensable. If needed, an attorney can also prepare a contract for matters like joint ownership to protect the client in cases of death or the transfer of ownership. Should an issue arise, the legal professional determines the best action to take to resolve the problem and defend the company.


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